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Mudd Manifesto

We believe in hard work, integrity, and in doing things right the first time, even if it may take longer. 

We believe the best option isn't always the most expensive and that every budget is manageable. 

We believe in cultivating beautiful, but most importantly, useable outdoor spaces. 

Because whether you are playing, riding, golfing or lounging, 

being outside refreshes the soul and brings us back to basics. 

If we can help create a space that does that for you, then we have accomplished a job well done. 


Dan Mudd

The "Dreamer"

Dan has worked in sports turf management since he was old enough to push a rake. Seriously, he was maintaining the local little league field and running his own landscape business by 12. If that doesn't scream passion, I don't know what does. After attending a magnet agricultural high school in Chicago, he went to Purdue University to get his degree in Turf Science. After college he worked for the San Diego Padres, Inland Empire 66ers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and then the Padres again! San Diego has since become his home, and he ultimately decided to open Mudd Landscapes so he can share his passion for beautiful and also useable landscapes with more clients. Dan may be the boss, but he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. His expert knowledge is backed by years of hands on experience.

Jillian Mudd

The "Details"

Jill fell for Dan and his love for all things green when they met working for the Inland Empire 66ers, where she managed various events for the team. They were engaged within less than a year and 12 years later here we are! When they moved to San Diego she took her management skills and jumped into the construction industry. She became a project manager and has worked on several multi-million dollar projects. As Mudd Landscapes began to grow this dynamic duo decided that it was time to combine forces. Now Jill manages the office, the books, the schedule and, of course, Dan.  

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