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Worm Cast Tea

Does your garden need some love? Plants looking a little weak? Do you have hot spots, white flies or bad soil that you can't get beat no matter how hard you try? We have the solution! 

First, What are Worm Castings?

Long story short: Worm casting = worm poop. There are several types of poo used for fertilizer and worms are no exception. But why is worm poop most beneficial? I'll tell you...first of all, and this is exciting, worm castings have NO SMELL. Additionally, and most importantly, worm castings contain more nutrients and good bacteria than any other fertilizer. As the worms digest organic food (soil, compost, plants, etc.), they reduce nutrients to their most usable form. 

Worm castings contain a unique combination of helpful enzymes and good bacteria, while also removing heavy metals from soil. The microbial activity in worm castings is up to 20 times higher than in the soil and organic matter that the worms digested and the finished product is neutral pH of 7.0.  

All of this creates the perfect fertilizer for plant growth, typically increasing garden yields by as much as 25%!

What is MUDD LOVE ?

MUDD LOVE is a premium brewed worm cast tea. What is worm cast tea? PURE LIQUID GOLD! 

Worm cast tea takes worm castings to the next level. Where manure and worm castings are slow to release nutrients. Liquid fertilizer makes nutrients immediately available for plants to absorb. Worm cast tea makes an excellent fertilizer, but it is also a natural insect repellent and improves overall soil health, by helping to build up the micro-biome in the soil. 

I like to visualize when Popeye eats the spinach and then all of the sudden grows new muscles and becomes unstoppable. Popeye was pretty cool before the spinach, but post spinach he is epic! Worm castings are great, but turn them into tea and they become a pest stopping, fertilizing, probiotic, nitrogen-filled super food that guarantees better plant growth and overall soil health!  

Benefits of MUDD LOVE ?

Increases garden yield by as much as 25%!!!

Packed with nutrients which helps to make plants grow faster.

All nutrients are water-soluble, making it an immediate plant food.

Extracts toxins, harmful fungi and bacteria from the soil. 

Repels pests that feed on plants such as aphids and spider mites (a natural pesticide).

Contains beneficial microbes and bacteria which helps protects plants from disease.

Contains humid acid which aids in plant nutrient absorption and stimulates plant growth.

Contains a neutral pH which helps offset acidic conditions in soil.

Improves the condition of soil stability by assisting in aeration, drainage and water retention.

Cannot burn plants like chemical fertilizers as the nitrogen is slow releasing and it does not contain any salts.

Natural fruit and vegetables are superior in nutritional value compared with chemically aided fruit and vegetables. 

How to Use MUDD LOVE ?

Use brew similar to fertilizer on all garden needs.

Brew has best effects if used within 48 hours of bottling,* but will remain beneficial for up to 3 weeks.

Can be poured directly onto plants/soil. 

Don't be shy about covering whole plants and leaves since it is a natural insect and disease repellent.

 Can be diluted in 1 to 5 ratio :  MUDD LOVE to water, to be used while watering or in a spray bottle.

Weekly use of MUDD LOVE will help build beneficial microbes and nutrients in soil and help prevent against pests.

I like to compare this to taking a multi-vitamin and probiotic. By building up the vitamins and good bacteria needed to create a healthy immune system it helps to keep everything functioning as it should, even when faced with harmful environmental factors. This gives the ability to fight off a cold or flu much easier than if my immune system was compromised. MUDD LOVE is your gardens defense against the elements.

What Makes MUDD LOVE Special?

First of all, we brew it with LOVE. Yes, it may sound silly, but this was started as a pet project for our garden. We have some fruit trees that are near and dear to our hearts and we wanted to teach our son the best way to take care of them. Hence the name. If you start any project with LOVE you will yield better results. 

After seeing what MUDD LOVE could do we wanted to share it with our neighbors. We started with small weekly brews and passed them around the neighborhood. The results spoke for themselves! We take the same care and consistency and apply them to our weekly brew that is now available for sale. 

Since these beneficial bacterias are aerobic (oxygen loving) once they leave the worm’s gut the microbes need to have a constant supply of oxygen in order to survive and bloom. Our aeration process (although proprietary) is second to none. 

Additionally, we strain our brew so that you don't have to. Transfer to a sprayer is seamless because we have less sediment. 

This is still a neighborhood labor of love. Meaning we bottle right before we send you home with your brew, allowing you more time to use your batch effectively. 

We will sell you your first bottle, but if you bring it back, we refill it at half the price. This cuts down on waste and your cost!

Is MUDD LOVE Safe to Use Around My Family?

MUDD LOVE is far superior to chemical fertilizers and is safe to use around the whole family! It is pesticide free and contains no pathogens. But obviously, as with any dirt filled water, it should not be directly ingested.

*Why is it best to use within 48 hours?

Since these beneficial bacterias are aerobic (oxygen loving) once they leave the worm’s gut the microbes need to have a constant supply of oxygen in order to survive and bloom. Once bottled these happy little microbes lose their supply of oxygen, so they slowly begin to die off, losing some of the probiotic in the brew. MUDD LOVE can still be used well after the 48 hour window for added fertilization benefits, you just won't get all the additional benefits of the probiotic. 

Pricing Options

Compare a few of our options and find the best fit for you. 

New 1 Gallon Bottle


New 2.5 Gallon Bottle


New 32 Ounce Hose Adapter


1 Gallon Bottle - REFILL


Requires the return of original Mudd Love container

2.5 Gallon Bottle - REFILL


Requires the return of original Mudd Love container

Monthly Subscription

$20 - 1 Gallon

$40 - 2.5 Gallon

6 months minimum subscription

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